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Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

For businesses cloud is no more a buzzword but a reality which has firmed its space to become a most crucial part of IT infrastructure planning. Further with the advent disruptive technologies like social, mobility, and analytics it has becomes imperative for businesses to match cloud infrastructure with their business growth.

CIOs have been facing difficulties working with the cloud providers as certain cloud providers not only lack knowledge and expertise in integrating cloud services with legacy systems but also do not have any concrete business plan. These difficulties are further hounded by the fear of loss of control, security in cloud, lack of transparency & operational control and the cost effectiveness of cloud.

Enterprises have kept cloud as their top investment priority in both the short and long term but have received a setback with the hidden costs associated with the cloud. These costs not only hit the bottom line because of poor availability and performance of cloud services and troubleshooting and managing cloud resources but also prevents business to unleash the benefits of cloud computing.

It has been a tough march for the enterprises to evolve their IT infrastructure with respect to challenges they face with management of data & information, lack of visibility into future demand, systems integration and overall cloud management.

Cloud Matrix assists organizations to realize the full benefits of cloud computing such as lower capital expenditure and faster time to market by providing with unmatched quality in terms of performance, availability, reliability, flexibility and agility to enterprises and SMB’s cloud requirements from our datacenter in US.

We work as an extended IT team for our customers and work closely with them to build trust, and transparency in the relationship from the start and assist enterprises across all industry vertical to adopt technology by integrating of public, hybrid and private clouds, managing and monitoring the cloud environment. We provide our cloud services over four major cloud technology stacks, OpenStack, VmWare, Xen and Open Cloud. Our cloud consultants are experts in implementation, transition, and integration with existing architecture while providing control, visibility, transparency and security.



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Cloud Servers

Our cloud servers helps in lowering the business risk associated with IT infrastructure as our cloud servers provides with greater reliability, flexibility, scalability and high performance at lower costs.


Custom Hosting

Cloud Matrix assists enterprises by designing managed custom hosting which fits best for the custom application. We support both legacy systems and latest technologies


Dedicated Servers

So your business requires server to meet higher peak resources and higher data transfer rates? Cloud Matrix provides with dedicated servers with unmatched quality.