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Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

At times it becomes difficult for an enterprise to develop an appropriate IT infrastructure strategy to manage their myriad application and database environment and in this scenario it becomes essential to have an IT solution which allows scale on demand with minimum change.

Our hybrid cloud solution allows enterprise customers to get benefits virtual and physical infrastructure in a most cost effective manner. We design a hybrid cloud solution which allows enterprises to have a best platform for each application, as per business requirement.

By partnering with Cloud Matrix enterprises can attain IT maturity through custom built hybrid cloud solution which includes private cloud, public cloud and dedicated servers to match the enterprise requirement.
Cloud consultants at Cloud Matrix custom design, for each enterprise cloud customer, a best fit hybrid cloud solution, by assessing enterprise IT requirement and current IT infrastructure. The goal of each hybrid cloud solution is to address core issues related to configuration management, change control, security and fault management. We have cloud over different technology stacks providing choice to customers to select from OpenStack, Vmware, Xen and Open Cloud.

Our hybrid cloud solution provides the flexibility to place different applications and databases in different environment while managing challenges like data security, governance, and cost. The security concerns are embedded into the solution and we ensure that the solution meets all compliance criterion. We provide secured access to API and have standardized migration procedures to meet compliance issues. Moreover the pairing of secure servers with cloud resources makes data protection easier.

Enterprises for managing traffic spikes can “burst” non-sensitive processing workloads to Cloud Matrix’s public cloud to meet peak or highly elastic workloads. Our Hybrid cloud services are highly optimized and cost effective and customers need to pay only for extra compute resources as and when needed

Benefits of Partnering with Cloud Matrix for your Hybrid Cloud requirements

• High performance, high availability servers
• Choice of Cloud to choose from - OpenStack, Vmware, Xen and Open Cloud
• Automatic server recovery/failover
• On-demand scalability
• Rapid provisioning of Servers
• Full access to managed add-ons including firewall, load balancing, back-ups & more
• Virtualization support for both Windows and Linux
• Expert, technical support available 24x7x365



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