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Private Cloud

Private Cloud

The business growth demands agility and faster delivery of IT projects while managing risk and governance at every level of IT infrastructure. Enterprises cannot compromise with information confidentiality and security. In this scenario they require a private cloud and trusted private cloud partner.

Enterprises transitioning to cloud model for IT delivery face constant problems related to trained resources and technology complexities. As a private cloud service provider Cloud Matrix understands the pain areas associated with capacity management, monitoring and managing resource consumption in a private cloud environment.

Cloud Matrix’s private cloud services assist enterprises to get their private cloud solution faster while providing for flexibility and efficiency in a highly digitally secured environment. Our cloud solution have partially customizable security features including a fixed IP, firewall rules, SSL certificates and database configurations

Cloud Matrix provides for a custom-built, private cloud solution over enterprise class hardware, software and services, monitored and managed by our highly experienced engineers 24X7

We provide with the expertise to implement and manage enterprise private cloud in a most cost effective manner. We work as an extended IT team for our customers and as per their private cloud requirements design, deploy, operate, monitor and manage their cloud. We run and scale private clouds and manage technical aspects

We assure high uptime for our private cloud solution, backed by a service level agreement allowing enterprises to package and deliver IT requirements in a most durable and efficient fashion. Our private cloud solution gives agility to our enterprise customers to securely manage enterprise wide IT infrastructure requirements using a single cloud solution.

Cloud Matrix enhances the complete enterprise IT infrastructure by providing 100% managed dedicated private cloud solution powered by OpenStack, open-source cloud computing. OpenStack frees from vendor lock-in which is an associated risk and limit of proprietary software offered by other cloud providers.

Our cloud solution is completely configurable to accommodate the number and size of servers for enterprise class applications such as ERP applications, custom developed applications, web sites, test and development environments, messaging and collaboration platforms, and databases, as the cloud is configured to automatically scale to balance the load within the dedicated pool of servers.

Benefits of Partnering with Cloud Matrix for your Private Cloud requirements

 Low Cost
 Low risks associated to ongoing management, changes and upgrade
 24x7 Live Support,
 24x7 Server Monitoring and Management
 Fully Managed Backups & Failover
 Cost Monitoring & Forecasting
 OS Patch Management
 Application Level Management
 High Availability Setup
 Automatic Scalability Setup


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