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Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Enterprises have been demanding from cloud service providers high availability and infrastructure built on proven technology which is scalable, and efficient on one hand, and on the other, they want strong service levels agreements, flexibility and cost effectiveness

At Cloud Matrix we assist our customer by determining cloud requirement and propose best fit technology solution based on that requirement. We provide cloud services over four technology stacks Openstack, Open Cloud, VM Ware and Xen. Our consultants work with customers of all sizes to provide with highly innovative collaborative open source cloud technology framework.

Our public cloud offering assist enterprises, looking for faster time to market with better economics, agility high elasticity, enterprise-grade durability, and scalability. Enterprises get service on demand by dynamically reallocating resources as demanded by business critical applications.

At Cloud Matrix we provide end-to-end public cloud services through multi-tenancy model while managing and monitoring complex cloud infrastructure and allowing enterprises to focus on their core business. We provide secured public cloud services from our enterprise grade data center which is engineered to offer higher redundancy and increased data availability.

Enterprises get flexibility to manage their bandwidth and storage options with pay per use options. Enterprise can leverage benefits of cloud services through our best of breed cloud computing infrastructure and support.

Our public cloud service includes customizable virtual servers, secure cloud networking block-based storage and support for both hourly and monthly pricing plans.

Our team of experienced cloud consultants assists enterprises to get best out of their cloud computing requirements by identifying and determining business requirements for the cloud-based solution and help enterprises to reap the benefits of cloud computing.

Benefits of Partnering with Cloud Matrix for your Public Cloud requirements

Accelerate time to market with on-demand infrastructure.
Faster provisioning of servers
Free resources for strategic and core business
Reduce IT capital requirements with a pay-per-use pricing model.
Enhanced data protection with backup and disaster recovery
Customizable multi-tier architecture
Highly scalable and resilient and Rapid deployment

Choice of Public Cloud Technologies

Open Cloud,



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