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Custom Hosting

Custom Hosting

Custom Hosting

The standard hosting, at times, would not address basic application requirement as each application has it’s own requirement which has been developed keeping the business requirement in mind and for this businesses requires custom hosting which could support the business requirement.

The hosting requirement can differ within the organizations because of a technology mix, or environments with unique support requirements. Cloud Matrix team provides custom hosting to organizations of all sizes and their applications which support their business.

Cloud Matrix not only provides managed custom hosting to enterprises and SMBs but also helps in determining what their application would be requiring in terms of load, compute, storage, and security. Cloud Matrix can assist designing managed custom hosting which fits best for the custom application. Our experts who are well versed in IT infrastructure technologies address and provide simple solutions to complex technical problems which could arise because of legacy systems or latest technologies. Our strength in designing managed custom hosting for hosting complex technologies securely has been acknowledged by enterprises and SMBs.

Cloud Matrix can design custom hosting at different levels, such as:

Server Hardware and Operating System Certain applications require very specific hardware in terms of CPU, memory, storage. Similarly applications might have been developed to run on specific software such as FreeBSD, Windows, Linux, and Solaris hosting environments. Cloud Matrix can assist business with its managed custom hosting which can address these key hardware configurations and at same time provision and support operating system to match the custom application hosting requirements.

Databases - Cloud Matrix can assist with configuring and providing any of relational DBMS, Wide Column store, Key value store, Graph Databases.

Data Backup – We understand that critical business information needs to be safe. One of the foremost safety requirements for business continuity is reliable and consistent backup coupled with efficient restoring mechanism. Cloud Matrix assist in creating a fully managed customized backup-and-recovery solution based on industry best practices.

Load-Balancing – High availability of an application is critical for business as non availability during peak time not only hurt revenue but sets wrong precedent. Cloud Matrix can assist organizations with latest load balancing technologies to meet the peak time load. Our experts can help businesses in assessing the requirement and providing the right solution which increases redundancy, performance and, reliability.

Access Control List (ACLs) – We provide flexibility to our customers to manage their web traffic with the help of Custom ACLs to configure which ports and protocols to remain open or closed to The Internet.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) – For enterprises and SMBs security is on the top of the agenda and for this we can provide with additional layer of security like VPN.

IP Addresses – At times business requirement calls for additional IP addresses for an application we can address this requirement by providing additional IP addresses.

To address critical business urgency for the specific requirements for their custom applications Cloud Matrix provides with a unique combination of cloud, dedicated, and hybrid hosting services.


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Cloud Servers

Our cloud servers helps in lowering the business risk associated with IT infrastructure as our cloud servers provides with greater reliability, flexibility, scalability and high performance at lower costs.


Custom Hosting

Cloud Matrix assists enterprises by designing managed custom hosting which fits best for the custom application. We support both legacy systems and latest technologies


Dedicated Servers

So your business requires server to meet higher peak resources and higher data transfer rates? Cloud Matrix provides with dedicated servers with unmatched quality.