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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

When enterprises are looking for a sheer power coupled with high performance servers and that built as per the business requirement then dedicated server from Cloud Matrix is what required.

Cloud Matrix provides with several options when it comes to dedicated servers from entry level single processor servers to Octo Core Servers and all are deployed instantly on enterprise class hardware with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cent OS, Debian, FreeBSD Servers and Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 Server.

Our team of engineers assists enterprise to implement their hybrid or distributed architecture in the same infrastructure where we would host their cloud making communication with dedicated and cloud servers faster with no additional opex on back-end network charges or capex on connectivity products.

Enterprise wants flexibility they want their IT infrastructure should respond to their business requirement in real time. Cloud Matrix understands this pain area and provides flexibility of moving to dedicated server to cloud with ease by transferring the server image from dedicated to cloud or vice versa.

By partnering with Cloud Matrix enterprises can be benefitted with cloning, and image-based backup of their dedicated servers and we assist enterprises with Disaster Recovery from different location altogether which help in lowering down the risk

Benefits of Partnering with Cloud Matrix for Dedicated Servers

Higher performance

We deploy enterprise class hardware and provide bandwidth you ask for as we have bandwidth in our infrastructure in TBs

Custom Built

Enterprises can either select from our standard dedicated servers or they have an option to get customized solution. In custom built server enterprises can select, as per business requirement, RAM, hard drive and processor, OS and other software

Instant Deployment

Businesses require IT to deployment of their dedicated servers and we do this far faster than our competitors and can provide with additional resources like firewalls and load balancers.

No Commitments

We do ask for any commitments. Businesses can get their server configuration changed as per your business by opting for month-to-month billing cycle but we remain committed to provide high quality service which you desire.

Integration with Cloud Matrix Cloud

Cloud Matrix gives you an ability to integrate dedicated servers to the cloud with an ease.


Our team assists enterprises in migration from dedicated to cloud or vice versa with creating server images and store them in a single image library.


Security is of prime importance to an enterprise and we understand this concern by managing security at different levels ensuring safety with firewalls, standard operational procedures, software and hardware.


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Cloud Servers

Our cloud servers helps in lowering the business risk associated with IT infrastructure as our cloud servers provides with greater reliability, flexibility, scalability and high performance at lower costs.


Custom Hosting

Cloud Matrix assists enterprises by designing managed custom hosting which fits best for the custom application. We support both legacy systems and latest technologies


Dedicated Servers

So your business requires server to meet higher peak resources and higher data transfer rates? Cloud Matrix provides with dedicated servers with unmatched quality.